Owner and lead Photographer at O LIV Photography


For the majority of my life photography has been something that I have always loved. Looking back at old photos and admiring the clothing, the hairstyles the memory. I absolutely love capturing that very memory for people. I love the emotion, the connection the rawness of photography. I love that you can be so vulnerable in front of a camera and put full trust in the person who is behind the lens. When I’m photographing someone I love to see true emotion come through, to get “the photo” you will cherish forever. I love to show a client the back of my camera when I know I have “the shot” and watch their eyes light up with pure joy.  The fact that I can give them something to be so proud of to show everyone they love. For 10 years now I have loved every moment of my job and I’m excited to continue to give you a unique and different look on the photos that come from O LIV Photography ! My goal has always been to give an experience like no other, with a photo that is the best of my ability unique to you!